International Shipping: how to determine the shipping weight of your package?

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Dimensional weight

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When it comes to international shipments, you must take into account several aspects before you decide to shop in any store. One of the most important is the weight of the package, meaning the actual and the dimensional weight of the package that is, the space available for cargo inside the plane, boat or truck where you are transporting.  Keep in mind, that this does not apply to domestic shipments; therefore it is very important to learn to determinate the total shipping weight so your purchases in USA will be easier and based on the shipping cost.

First thing you need to know is the shipping weight will always be determined by the weight itself (Actual weight) or by the package density (Dimensional weight), whichever is greater. Actual weight is the weight of the package using a standard scale rounded to the next full pound. On the other hand Dimensional weight is the calculation used to reflect the package density by multiplying the package dimensions (length * width * height) and divided by our dimensional dimensional factor of 166.

Be aware that all measures should always be determined in pounds (Actual Weight) and inches (Dimensional Weight). Moreover, a standard scale is always used and the results will be rounded to the next full pound.

For example, to determine the dimensional weight of a box with the following dimensions:

  • Width = 10″, length = 11″, height = 15″
  • so you must multiply each value 10″ x 11″ x 15″= 1,650 cubic inches. Then, divide it by 166 (Dimensional weight factor). At the end, you have a result of 9.93 lbs which the system will round it to a total of 10 pounds of dimensional weight.

    Why do our customers prefer our services? Simply because all other package forwarding companies use a dimensional factor of 139, we use a Factor of 166 instead. Our customers save over 20% on Dimensional Weight which lowers down the price of their shipping.

    Finally, in USAaddress because we care about the comfort of our customers, we have available a shipping cost calculator to make things simple.  You only need to provide weight and dimensions of the package and there you go!

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