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ShipBrain.com: The New Dawn in International Shipping; Providing Quick Solution to Comparison of Transit Times and Shipping Costs

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Most online merchants have found that international shipping fees can have a tremendous effect on their bottom line. Due to this fact, knowing which international shipping carrier offers the lowest rates and fastest transit times is very important.

ShipBrain.com is a free international shipping platform that allows merchants and regular users to quickly compare international shipping rates and transit times for all the major international shipping carriers.  Some of these shipping carriers include TNT, UPS, DHL, FedEx, and USPS.

ShipBrain.com’s international shipping platform is free and very easy to use. Users have to simply input the recipient’s country/destination and the details of the package or packages on the spaces provided, then click on the “Compare Rates” option.

ShipBrain.com will quickly obtain the exact shipping rates from all major shipping carriers. The rates provided by ShipBrain.com include the transit times and the total standard price for shipping through each carrier including fuel surcharge fees and remote area location fees.  This accuracy allows you to compare and choose the lowest and cheapest shipping carrier.

In addition to the TNT, UPS, DHL, FedEx, and USPS rates, ShipBrain.com also offers two reliable shipping options.  These options are ShipBrain International Economy and ShipBrain International Priority.

Users that choose to ship through either one of these ShipBrain.com options can save up to 60% off on their shipping fees. For instance, the standard rate for FedEx or DHL shipping rate is $89.80; when users choose to ship through ShipBrain.com, the shipping fee will be 60% off.  Users only pay $35.92.

The benefits of shipping your packages through ShipBrain.com are numerous. First, by choosing ShipBrain.com you can save hundreds of dollars.  Secondly, the ShipBrain.com team has many years of experience in custom regulations and international logistics; this knowledge will contribute to a fast and reliable delivery service.

The process of shipping through ShipBrain.com is very easy. The process consists of three simple steps: users simply complete the ShipBrain booking process, attach a prepaid label generated by ShipBrain and send their package to ShipBrain’s warehouse.  ShipBrain.com receives the packages and ships them internationally.

ShipBrain provides the users with quality service and ensures an efficient delivery of their goods to any international destination. ShipBrain.com’s customer service agents are always available to respond quickly to any inquiries.

These priceless benefits from ShipBrain.com services positions it as one of the cheapest and most reliable shipping options for online merchants, eBay sellers who are interested or already involved in international shipping, and for users who wish to send packages to their family members or friends outside the United States.

With dozens of international shipping services and hundreds of international destinations, ShipBrain can save consumers time and money by quickly calculating and comparing exact prices and transit times.

Why Compare International Shipping Rates

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international shipping rates

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International shipping fees are probably the most important factor when it comes to selling goods overseas.

High international shipping fees can make or break a transactions and may affect your profit margin. If you have been shipping your products thru the same company or service, you could be losing money.

ShipBrain is an international shipping comparison site that helps consumers and businesses search and compare international shipping prices and transit time. The use of an online based calculator makes this easy. The effectiveness of the online feature is portrayed in its ease of use and dynamic nature of the site’s general feature.

For more info please visit: www.ShipBrain.com

Shipping Comparison Calculator Allows People To Greatly Reduce Shipping Costs

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Image courtesy of Imagerymajestic / FreeDigitalPhotos

The modern world cannot imagine living without international shipping services, which often consist of complex maneuvers. People from every part of the globe are searching for quality and fast delivery of their goods. The online shopping is becoming more and more popular, leading to more advanced methods and options for international shipping.

One of the main factors considered by customers who choose a reliable logistics company is comparing international shipping rates that different companies offer. Their shipping rates can vastly vary, which allows users to save hundreds of dollars on shipping, if they choose the right carrier. There are some international shipping comparison websites, like Shipbrain.com, which provide people with a unique shipping comparison calculator, allowing the customers to find the best possible local or international shipping rates for their cargo or merchandise.

There are multiple advantages of using this kind of shipping comparison calculator. The calculator quickly makes comparison between available logistics company, like Oneusaddress, UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, and more, giving customers the chance to choose the most affordable option and showing the time needed for shipping. This calculator allows people to make great savings on their shopping budget regardless of the country they are shopping from.

In order to use the shipping comparison calculator, people need to complete a very simple and fast procedure that will take less than a minute. They need to select the shipment type, whether this is a package or freight, to enter the start and end location, and to note the weight and dimensions of the box. There are possibilities to add as many items as needed in this calculation.

Shipping comparison calculator opens great opportunities before people, who often shop abroad and make use of online global marketplaces. This online tool is irreplaceable helper in business as well, providing effective business solutions for all kinds of business sales and bargains. It can be successfully used also by manufacturers, who would like to sell their products around the globe offering both quality shipping services and affordable shipping rates.

Whether people plan to use air or ground transport, the calculator will show them the best option that will save them money, hassles and time on each shipment they make. Shipbrain.com provides customers with the shipping comparison calculator they need to make their shipping smart by choosing the best shipping option out of many available. This company allows Americans and people all over the world to compare both transit times and international shipping rates, offered by dozens of logistics companies.

Compare International Shipping Rates with Shipbrain.com

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International Shipping Tool
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Image courtesy of renjith krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos

Shipping plays a big role in today’s economy due to the fact that companies and individuals require the transport of merchandise from one corner of the world to another. Not only that, online shopping has become one of the most popular methods of purchasing goods and services in today’s world.

Ordering merchandise from foreign countries can cost hundreds of dollars and be the deciding factor on where you can afford it or not. There are shipping companies that specialize in international shipping while other companies specialize in local or country wide shipping. In order to participate in these types of transactions you need a shipping service which involves choosing from several different companies.

You can pick a well-known shipping company, research your choices, or use a service like ShipBrain.com to compare them for you. This website allows you to compare shipping rates and find the best shipping services based on several factors such as location, package details, etc.

In 2010, Americans spent $186 billion in online transactions and is growing every year, yet most of them don’t realise they could save themselves hundreds if not thousands of dollars yearly by comparing international shipping rates and picking the best company for their needs.

Majority of shopping cart abandonment in online stores is due to shipping and handling costs being too high. Most online users don’t realise that there are several options when it comes to shipping, and just decide to go with the recommended option. Even if they were introduced to these companies they still would not put in the effort to research their options, simply because it takes hours of research only to save a small amount. However there is a solution to this problem.

Services like ShipBrain.com allow you to compare several shipping companies and their international shipping rates side by side so you don’t have to go through the hassle of comparing them yourself. You simply fill in the information about your package and get a quote to determine your best course of action.

Using a shipping comparison calculator service has several advantages. The most important advantages are the substantial amount of money you will save over time compared to just using any recommended shipping service. An average American saves 12% of their shopping budget simply by choosing the best shipping company. Compare international shipping rates to decrease your shipping cost and increase your shopping budget by shipping smart.