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ShipBrain: Quick calculation and comparison of international shipping rates from USA

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Image courtesy of Renjith Krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Renjith Krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

E-commerce creates and fuels large trade across the borders of the United States. More and more people choose to achieve their sales online because many shoppers prefer to shop from the comfort of their home. This cross border exchange has generated the need of international shipping services, either for business or personal reasons. However, when selling a product across the border, many concerns are raised, and most of them comes down to the questions: “how much should I pay for the shipping cost?” And, “which one of my shipping options represents an advantage according to my shipping needs?”

In this regard, it is essential to know all rates for the major shipping companies, because each one could offer a  similar service with differences in prices or delivery times. Then, the answers to these questions can be found at ShipBrain.com, a website that provides fast and accurate shipping rates and transit times for the most of the international shipping companies in the USA.  Shipbrain.com, tries to save consumers time and money by calculating and comparing exact prices and transit times. To use this service, the only data you should have on hand are the measures and the estimated weight of your package or packages.

When accessing this website, you will immediately find where to fill in these information. Other important gaps to complete are both country of origin (United States) and destination of the package (s). Another important fact about ShipBrain.com, is that also gives you their own shipping option, with discounted rates that can reach up to 60% off on the shipping price. Thus, when people use ShipBrain.com, they do not waste time and avoid the complications of doing complex mathematical formulas to determine the shipping cost. Besides, ShipBrain.com, handles prices given by the companies involved in this matter, which means that the amounts provided by ShipBrain.com will be the exact amount you will have to pay.